Stop Hating Your Tiny Bathroom
5 ways to make your tiny bathroom feel bigger.

Think about which room in your house you spend the most time in. We’re guessing your bathroom is up there at the top of the list. All of the various personal matters you need to take care of in the bathroom can add up to a couple of hours each day.


Unfortunately, standard bathrooms tend to be smaller than most of us would like. For a place where we spend a lot of time, there’s not much space for anything more than the three main bathroom components- a toilet, vanity, and a tub (or shower).


Tiny Bathroom

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No matter your style, budget, or the age of your home, if you’re feeling cramped in your bathroom, it’s time to make some adjustments. We’ve got you covered with a list of steps to take to help you make the most of your limited space.


1. Create an Optical Illusion


What worked for Harry Houdini will work for your tiny bathroom, too. You can change things up in your bathroom to make it seem larger without taking on an extensive renovation.


You can start by using large mirrors. Mirrors reflect the light, making the room seem brighter and, therefore, bigger. They also make it look like the space extends back further than it really does, making everything feel more roomy.


Your choice of lighting can also affect how big or small your bathroom appears. Canned lighting will illuminate the dark corners of the room and make everything seem brighter. If you don’t have the money to install new lights, invest in small tabletop lights to brighten up your bathroom.


2. Simplify the Color Scheme


Another way to make your bathroom seem bigger is to simplify the color scheme. Strong colors and heavy patterns won’t do your tiny bathroom any favors. Rather, they’ll make it appear even smaller.


Opting for standard white fixtures is a great way to help your bathroom seem bigger. If you use a white-on-white color motif throughout your bathroom, your fixtures will blend into the background, creating the illusion of space.


If you don’t love the white-on-white look, opt for calm, cool, tone-on-tone colors to help brighten up your space. Avoid dark colors; they’ll make the room feel like it’s closing in on you. Light blues, grays, and browns are better options.


While the fixtures may stand out more against brightly colored walls and cabinets, a monochromatic color scheme will make your bathroom appear much more spacious.


3. Ditch the Bathtub


If you have a tub, it probably dominates your limited bathroom space. If you can do without it, consider removing it altogether and opt for a shower-only bathroom instead.


A barrier-free shower is a great way to increase your bathroom space and is usually achieved with a pony wall and a drain on the floor. This shower style will make the bathroom feel much deeper than it was with a standard tub and shower curtain.


If that kind of renovation isn’t something you can afford right now, you could also consider installing transparent glass shower walls or a clear shower curtain that can be moved entirely out of the way. This will help create the illusion of depth.


4. De-clutter


See all of those knickknacks on your counter? They’re making your space seem even smaller. We’re talking about the moisturizer, face soap, make-up bottles, razors, and blow dryers.


Start by throwing away everything that you can do without. For the items that you do need regularly, visit your favorite store and look for baskets or bins to organize your daily use items. If you’re low on budget, try an antique store or dollar store. Be ruthless as you sift through your stuff. The more you can streamline your inventory, the easier it will be to keep things organized in your small space.


If you have some money to spare on a bathroom renovation, think about exchanging your vanity for a pedestal. Pedestals not only take up less space, but since they don’t boast a large countertop area, they don’t seem to collect clutter the way traditional vanities do.


To make up for the storage, install some open shelving with nice containers or baskets to hide your personal care items.


5. Accessorize with Color


If you are still struggling with the idea of a white-on-white bathroom, there are some options. Though an all-color bathroom can shrink your space, adding a splash of color here and there can appear to add space. Consider the following options.


  • Stripes: A stripe of color along a tall wall can help you elongate the room. Whether you create the stripe in the shower or with paint along one wall, a single stripe can break up the white while making things seem more spacious.
  • Accessorize: You don’t want to overdo it in this regard, but adding a few colorful accessories close to the floor can add some interest while making the most of your small space. Be extra cautious that these items don’t become a tripping hazard during those late-night walks to the toilet.
  • Go bold: We know we said to simplify the color scheme earlier, but adding some brightly colored accessories can help make your bathroom seem a little bigger. Bright hand towels, soap dispensers, and toothbrush holders are all excellent ways to add a pop of color. Don’t go crazy with it, but a little color can be a great enhancement.
  • Add art: If your bathroom is small, it’s likely that you don’t have a lot of extra wall space, but if you do, think about adding some artwork. Tasteful artwork can “break up the boring” when it comes to single-tone walls. It can also add depth and interest to the room.


You don’t have to feel stuck if your tiny bathroom is cramping your style, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to renovate it. Even a few small changes can make that all-important room seem lighter, brighter, and bigger.


And if you’re ready to do a bathroom remodel, call us for a free consultation. We specialize in luxury bathroom remodels in Austin. We know how to transform even limited-spaces into roomy, accommodating bathrooms that you will love and that will significantly improve your home investment.

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