Read This Before Taking The Plunge Five Things to Consider Before Buying a New Bathtub

If you can’t thoroughly soak in your bathtub or it’s simply dingy and old, it may be time to consider a new one. A new bathtub can give your whole bathroom a brand new, fresh feel, allowing you to relax more fully as you take a soak.


Buying a new bathtub can be exciting, but it isn’t as simple as it may seem. Here are five things you need to consider before taking the plunge on a new bathtub.


1. Material

One of the first and possibly most important things to consider when purchasing a new bathtub is the material the tub is made out of. The material of the tub is one of the main factors that will determine the price of the tub.


The tub’s material will also give you an idea of the maintenance and lifespan you can expect for your bathtub. Several different types of materials can be used to construct a bathtub. Some of those materials include:


● Fiberglass– This is probably the most inexpensive type of bathtub material. Fiberglass is lightweight and relatively easy to maintain. However, it is not as durable as other materials and is more likely to crack or discolor over time.


● Ceramic– This is another fairly inexpensive type of bathtub material. Ceramic is an easily molded material, therefore giving you many options for your bathtub design. However, ceramic requires a bit of upkeep and isn’t the most comfortable to lay in.


● Porcelain-Enameled– This material is heavier than others, yet it is quite easy to maintain. Porcelain-enameled bathtubs have a beautiful, smooth look but are also very slippery and don’t hold as much heat as other bathtub materials.


● Acrylic– Bathtubs made of acrylic material are durable and not prone to mildew or stains. Acrylic bathtubs retain the heat from the water, allowing you to soak in a warm bath longer. But, this type of bathtub is a more expensive option.


● Stone Resin– A resin that resembles natural stone makes for a beautiful yet durable bathtub material. Although stone resin is quite a bit more expensive than its counterparts, it has an impressively long lifespan and is very easy to maintain.


● Marble– Bathtubs made of marble are beautiful and retain heat well, but they are very heavy and expensive. Marble bathtubs are stain and mildew-resistant but require a lot of regular maintenance.


● Cast Iron– Possibly the most durable bathtub material, cast iron is also scratch resistant, retains heat extremely well, and is easy to clean. Cast iron bathtubs are also unbelievably heavy and quite expensive.


● Wood– In general, wood is an easy material to work with, and there is no difference when it comes to bathtubs. Because of this, you have seemingly endless design options. However, wood bathtubs have short lifespans and require a lot of maintenance.


2. Size


Once you’ve decided on the material for your bathtub, the next thing to consider is its size. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing how big you want your tub to be.


● Weight– This is a big factor when deciding on a tub. If you are considering one of the heavier types of bathtubs, you should have a certified home inspector or plumber inspect your bathroom floor to determine how much weight it can hold.


● Fit– This may seem fairly obvious, but before purchasing a new bathtub, you must ensure it will fit in your space. Whether you are keeping your bathroom space as-is or knocking down some walls, you need to know how much space you have available for your tub.


● Depth– You need to decide how deep you want your tub to be. Things to consider when making this decision include who will be using the tub, if you want to be fully immersed, etc.


3. Shape


Gone are the days when there was a basic, standard bathtub. Nowadays, you have multiple designs to choose from. Popular bath shapes include:


● Rectangular or Oval-Shaped– Bathtubs that are rectangular or oval-shaped are a more traditional yet tried-and-true design.


● Circular– Quickly becoming a popular choice, large, circular tubs can give your bathroom a more modern look.


● Square– If you want a lot of space for soaking, a square tub is a good option.


● Asymmetrical– If you choose a wooden tub, you may have the unique option of a naturally asymmetrical-shaped tub.


4. Design


There are a few other design choices to consider when shopping for a bathtub.


● High or Low– You can choose to feel like royalty with a luxurious, tall tub, complete with steps leading into it. Or, for a unique look and to make your bathroom appear bigger, you can opt for an in-ground bathtub.


● Attached or Freestanding– You can choose to have a traditional, modern tub attached to the walls. Or, you can opt for a freestanding tub, such as an antique-style claw-foot tub.


● Whirlpool– For an even more relaxing bath experience, you may want to spend a little extra money to get a tub with a jet or whirlpool feature.


● Shower Combo– If you are limited on space and don’t have the room for a separate shower, you can choose to have your bathtub area plumbed for a shower head.


● Walk-in– If anyone in your household struggles with getting in and out of the bath, a walk-in bathtub may be the perfect option.


5. Faucets and Fixtures


The final step for your new bathtub will be choosing the faucet and fixtures. You can opt for a wall-mounted faucet, a Roman faucet, or a freestanding one. You can also choose to have a faucet with a handheld sprayer. Some popular finish colors for your faucets and fixtures include:


  • Brushed Nickel
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Oil-rubbed Bronze
  • Stainless Steel
  • Chrome


Getting a new bathtub can be a fun experience. But it can also be stressful if you don’t know what you are doing and try to do it yourself.


To make sure things go smoothly and are done correctly, call our bathroom remodel specialists in Austin. We’ll remove the old bath and install your beautiful new one quickly, efficiently, and according to code. That will leave time for you to sit back and do the fun work of making design decisions.

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