Kitchen Remodel Survival Tips

Five tips to save you from unnecessary stress, money, and calories during your kitchen remodel.


As leading Austin kitchen remodel professionals, we live in the realm of massive home improvements. But if you’re new to this world, we want to help you live as comfortably as possible while the hub of your home gets an upgrade.


A full kitchen remodel is quite a commitment. Not only can a remodel be expensive, but it can also take several weeks or even months to complete. Since the kitchen is the home’s epicenter, being without the full use of your kitchen for any amount of time can be a challenge.


Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help your family manage during the remodel and come out calm and cool on the other side.


1. Decide On a Temporary Space


Before even beginning the renovation process, you must determine where your temporary kitchen area will be. A spare bedroom with an attached bathroom is a great spot since it has all of the necessary things for a makeshift kitchen- space, power, water, and room for storage.


If you don’t have a spare bedroom, other options exist. The garage, back porch, or any extra room in your house will work. If you have a separate dining room that isn’t part of the renovations, that would be an ideal spot; then, you wouldn’t have to move things very far.


Before making a final decision on your temporary kitchen area, check with the contractor to find out where their crew plans on setting up, etc., to ensure you don’t get in each other’s way.


2. Ask Before Moving Things


A kitchen remodel is exciting, and it’s normal to want things to move along quickly. You may think that moving some things yourself will help the process go faster, but don’t get carried away.


Before moving anything, talk to your contractor. They are often willing to help you relocate appliances and are usually experienced in doing so. This can help save you from damaging your walls and possibly hurting your back when moving appliances yourself.


Your contractor will also know where there is an adequate electrical supply to power some of the appliances that need to continue to run, such as a refrigerator.


3. Plan Out Storage


If your contractor is able and willing, it is possible to relocate your cabinetry to your temporary kitchen space. This will allow you to use your cabinetry during the remodel. If that isn’t a feasible option, purchase some plastic tubs or drawers to put your kitchen supplies in.


To save yourself a headache and some clutter, only keep out the essential items. But, be sure to label all of your storage bins, so you can easily find something if the need arises.


4. Minimize Dishwashing


Usually, during a complete kitchen remodel, you will be required to live without a dishwasher since most houses aren’t equipped with an extra area that will accommodate a dishwasher. Life without this modern convenience may seem rough, but you can make it through. After all, your grandparents somehow managed, right?


To minimize dishwashing during your renovation, think simple, easy, and little effort. Here are a few ideas:


 Disposable Everything– If you are going to be living without a dishwasher, disposable cups, plates, bowls, and utensils will be your friend. You can opt for biodegradable or compostable options to lessen your environmental footprint.


● Use Items With Multiple Purposes– If you need to use things that aren’t disposable, opt for items that can be used for multiple things. This will lessen the number of dishes you need to wash.


A food processor that doubles as a mixer, or a pressure cooker that does everything are both great options to have in your temporary kitchen. Heck, they are great options all of the time. Let’s be honest; fewer dishes are always a desirable choice.


Another helpful idea is to find all-in-one cutlery. We have all heard of the spork- a spoon and fork combination, but some sporks even have a serrated edge that can be used as a knife. Brilliant!


5. Simplify Meals


It can be easy to rely on fast food to get you through your renovation. While that may be a simple and convenient choice, eating a lot of fast food is not only unhealthy, it can get expensive. There are better options that will save your pocketbook and waistline.


Below are a few simple ways to prepare meals at home during your kitchen remodel.


● Utilize Your Grill– If you have use of your fridge or even a mini-fridge, you can marinate some meat and vegetables to cook outside on your grill.


 One Pot Meals– A crockpot or pressure cooker is a great way to make simple one-pot meals. These don’t take up much space, and there aren’t many dishes to do afterward. You can even line your crock pot with slow cooker liners and keep the mess in the bag (no washing required).


● Low-Sodium Canned Soups– You can’t get much simpler than canned soup. Pair it with some crackers or bread and a salad for a complete meal.


● Microwavable Meals– While these might not be as healthy as other options, you can still find some decent microwavable meals for your family.


Also, be sure to keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand for snacks and side dishes.


Sure, your kitchen may be turned upside down for a while with a kitchen renovation, but your life doesn’t have to be. Keep these tips in mind for happy living in the midst of home remodel projects.


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