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Home Improvement TLC is your Home Remodeling Aide

Home Improvement TLC

Home Improvements TLC

A team of certified, efficient home remodeling craftsmen who possess the skills, resources, and expertise in this business procured over a long period of service to the community. We bring your home remodeling ideas into execution real quick with maintaining a high level of standard considering you don’t have to overdo it financially.

Custom Sunroom Designs and home remodeling


Enhance the beauty of your home with our custom designed SunRooms to let you increase your custom living space and grabbing a glimpse of nature’s elements simultaneously. Our custom SunRooms will offer you the zeal of outdoor beauty with the comfort of controlled environment of inside.

deck restore & deck repairs


Convert your backyard space into excellent entertainment space with our amazing deck designs. We use premium building materials to create your customized deck space and ensure its life for longer run to withhold the extreme weather conditions it has to undergo.

Services that we offer

  • Roofing
  • Painting
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens

Our team of licensed plumbers and electricians are equipped with experience, resources, and skills to handle all your plumbing solutions and electrical system needs in and around Muscle Shoals. We can perform any from the range of repairs, maintenance to installing a completely new system both for your plumbing as well as electrical system need. We never compromise with the quality of services also with carrying fair pricing and never give up till every job is done right.

Our plumbing services include brand new installations of plumbing lines, or solutions to plumbing problems like leaking pipes, clogged pipes, and clogged toilets are satisfactorily attended by our plumbing repair contractors. They will surely overpower your replacement, repair or rebuilding expectations of your plumbing and drainage related problems.

Our electrical contractors offer a wide selection of Services and knowledge about all aspects of electrical repair, replacement, servicing, and installations. The electricians will offer you the best solutions including product options, codes in accordance with the overview of deep examination of the electrical installation job. So that you can choose wisely for your electrical job needs. Hence if you are thinking about carrying out an electrical installation for a home renovation project or building a new house, we have the resources, skills, experience and expert electrical solutions to your designing electrical system needs.

For us, general home remodeling means improving the overall beauty and effective usage of your personal house space. Our home renovation contractors offer everything from new room additions, rebuilding existing kitchen, renovating baths, sunroom additions, expert house painting services, affordable roofing services, and other general aspects like deck installation, doors, and windows installations and flooring.

For a general remodeling contractor, it’s a must to have the three E’s i.e. Experience, Expertise, and Eloquence towards creativity which is what we have quite in abundance. Our home improvement professionals have the vision to transform your home ideas into reality effectively. Home Improvement TLC is the general remodeling company that provides excellent home renovation services in and around Colbert County and surroundings in Alabama. We offer a variety of services which involves expansion of home spaces in order to achieve the desired spaces as per client request, enhancing the storage spaces to giving room makeovers.

With us, you are assured to get your home remodeling services in-time covering both functional usage and its overall looks in a modernized design.

Enhance the beauty of your home with our custom sunroom designs to let you increase your custom living space and grabbing a glimpse of nature’s elements simultaneously. Our custom sunroom ideas will offer you the zeal of outdoor beauty with the comfort of the controlled environment of inside. Reasons you should go for our sunrooms are:

  • Additional in-house space
  • Energy Efficient features
  • Flexible use of space
  • Living in the lap of nature
  • Adds value to your home

Home Improvement TLC offers custom sunroom designs for every home, inflicting their own style and under budget. With our sunroom options, you can enjoy the outdoor living space all around the year in any weather conditions including protection from the sun, wind, snow, rain and other aspects of the Mother Nature. Our sunrooms will enable you to stretch your outdoor living season. So that you can relax, banquet or entertain your loved ones in that extra space. That extra space allows not being troubled by the weather or rest external factors.
Home Improvement TLC sunrooms come with a wide range of features like the increase in home value, versatile usage, affordable than traditional room additions, energy consumption comparatively lower and indeed it is the most effective way to enhance your home living space. Watch out for rest of our home remodeling services separately. 

Enhance you’re your front yard or porch area with our custom designed decking solutions or convert your backyard space into excellent entertainment space. We are reputed for giving the best affordable deck building and remodels with premium quality materials and expert installations. We use the best materials to create your customized deck space and ensure its life for the long run to withhold the extreme weather conditions it has to undergo.

In order to be the ultimate decking solution we provide with a range of decking services including complete deck building, repairing, resurfacing, remodeling, staining, sanding, and painting. We specialize in deck building, repairing and remodeling to achieve the strong custom decks according to your likeness which would last for many years. Our professional deck designers are also proficient in giving your deck makeover by simple techniques like resurfacing, pressure washing, staining, painting and sanding the deck in order to achieve a smoother finished surface. Moreover, we can also install below deck drainage systems to keep your custom deck design brand new for many years to come.

Just book an appointment with our custom deck building and remodeling experts and avail the opportunity of letting the professionals do the hardships for you. Also, watch out for the rest of our home remodeling services separately.

From new roofs, re-roofing, maintenance to repairs, we are your one-stop shop for all the roof repair services and complete roof installations in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and its neighboring region. We are your local, well equipped, knowledgeable and affordable roofing company serving homeowners as well as business owners looking for the best roofing contractors. We’ve been reputed in the roofing business for much longer durations due to our strategically owned work ethics including dependable service, quality craftsmanship, and fair pricing.
Knowing that the roof is the first line of defense from all the external factors, our affordable roofing contractors have the expertise, experience, skills, and vision to complete your needs i.e. repair, replacement or maintenance. If the roof of your home is beginning to show signs of aging like deterioration and leaks, then it’s time to contact Home Improvement TLC’s roof repair service and solutions team before the unchecked issues lead to more drastic after-effects. Our affordable roofing company contractors are well-experienced & skilled to take head on to challenges like new roof installation, re-roofing, repair and replacement within your budget. Our roofing company services include a prior site inspection of the request, following which the assessment is done making sure all the client requirements are taken into consideration. After the assessment, the effective cost of the entire project is planned with clear and upfront agreement from the client side. We don’t believe in offering surprises after the client has ordered our service which is why we may have been able to achieve a good reputation in the affordable roofing business. Also, watch out for the rest of our home remodeling services separately.

With our house painters, your residential painting services and business painting projects will be one of a kind; fast, superior work ethic precisely carried out with expertise and not to forget to be pocket-friendly. We are experienced in working with an exclusive range of premium cum budget effective paint types and works for both interior and exterior paint jobs. Our team of painting contractors will ensure to carry out the entire residential or commercial painting process with supreme responsibility.

  • Unforeseen quick service
  • Premium and affordable paint suggestions
  • Interior as well as Exterior paint solutions
  • Precise painting services
  • Wholly responsible for our work

Our team of house painters works dedicatedly to achieve the satisfaction of the clients in order to offer the best quality paint job every time. We are reputed for paying attention to each and every smallest detail from the high-quality materials to the appropriate paint job techniques used.
Home Improvement TLC offers a huge variety of painting services to the community around Colbert County and Muscle Shoals, Alabama. We are well prepared for handling both interiors and exterior painting works no matter the size or design of the residential structure. Our house painters have the tools and skills to paint multi-specialty surfaces paying importance to the finer details to the aesthetically built structures like chimneys, stairs, and the trims. In addition to that, we can also outperform the staining on your wooden deck or patio and garage or any kind of underground building structures. We do not paint to impress but do it to express our gratitude to you for giving us the chance which we won’t let to disapprove you. Also, watch out for the rest of our home remodeling services separately.

The bathrooms are the space in your home where we start and end our day so whether you are looking for a contemporary bathroom or a classic one; our master bathroom remodel contractors are having the expertise and vision to aide you. We make sure the final outcome of the renovation work will provide you with a space that makes you refreshed, relaxed and clean. We are able to aid you with both making substantial changes to a complete makeover of your bath.

  • Expert bathroom remodeler
  • Guaranteed on time handover
  • No flickering prices
  • Handle project by ourselves

In case you are in the need for your bath makeover if it’s outdated or seeks some repairs, replacement or maintenance, contact Home Improvement TLC for your bathroom remodeling solution. Our bathroom remodeling contractors offer everything from complete bathroom addition, small bathroom remodel ideas and master bathroom remodels to services like complete shower and bath systems, replacing bathtubs, wall surroundings, faucets and more. Our high-quality products and proficient services lead to aesthetic changes for the most outdated or damaged baths, which is what as a customer we all us look for. Unlike the rest, we focus majorly on handling every aspect of the bathroom remodeling project- everything from designing to installation. Our bathrooms renovations contractors install all the components under your supervision in accordance with your approved design. This installation involves bath fittings, fixtures, cabinets, counters, mirrors and lightings which will definitely transform your bath into one of the most beautiful rooms of your house. Also, Watch out for the rest of our home remodeling services separately. 

Our kitchen remodeling contractors know that your kitchen is not just a space for cooking and doing dishes. Being the very hub or most active rooms in your home, which needs to be an inviting space for your loved ones. We will do our very best to incorporate all your needs into the perfect kitchen remodeling design as per maintaining sensible functionalities. Building from the scratch to an update to your aging kitchen to transform it into your dream space. Our creative kitchen renovation design and installation experts can surely help you out effectively.
Home Improvement TLC is your best choice for kitchen remodeling companies if your current kitchen is outdated or seeks some peculiar attention in terms of usage. Remodeling the kitchen space will increment in value to your home and also improve your day to day life. Here with us, your entirely new kitchen design begins with a perception of making new memories. We make sure to discuss important aspects such as new kitchen designs, construction planning, effective budget and time period in between project initiation and handover; keeping you informed about your project at every step. Our kitchen remodeling contractors will integrate with you in the selection of details like perfect countertops, floorings, the variety of appliances, cabinets, faucets, sinks, lightings, and furniture to go along with the new design.
Our kitchen renovation craftsmen will build your new kitchen just the way you want the first time. They will proceed by taking care of every small detail. We offer a free kitchen remodel consultation, just one click away so hurry up and book an appointment with us or get consultations overcall. Our kitchen renovating experts are always there to help and committed towards your satisfaction. Also, watch out for the rest of our home remodeling services separately. 

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What our clients say

Merry Smith

It was an incredible experience going on with my decision of choosing you guys for my bathroom remodel and addition of sunroom in my porch section. You are indeed a top-quality design and build team that your website even claims for. Thanks for taking your job so seriously and also thanks for the wonderful work you guys did for me.

John Smith

We are very happy with your team’s work on our project which included building completely new deck, bath remodel, plumbing and electrical repairs all across our place. Love the way you guys carried out the work without affecting our day to day routine with full professionalism and expertise.

Nina J.

Thanks for taking special care with workspace because of our children. Haven’t seen anything so quite and family proof like these guys. The entire project was fast, safer and most affordable. Would surely recommend you guys to others.

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